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2OPS42 - Renfrew County OPP

2OPS37 - Ottawa and Area
RENFREW D1, D2, TAC1, TAC2, CACC - Renfrew County EMS

10- 4 Aknowledgement

10- 6 Busy/Standby

10-10 Permission To Talk To Other Unit

10-27 Driver's License Check

10-28 Vehicle Registration Check

10-29 Check Records For Wanted

10-50 M.V.A./M.V.C.

PD = Property Damage

PI = Personal Injury

10-52 Ambulance

10-69 Clear To Copy Message

10-78 Assist Officer - Emergency

10-92 Person In Custody

253 - Possible Drunk Driver



3MIKE - CoBden, Pembroke, Petawawa, Laurentian Valley, Laurentian Valley & Surrounding Areas
3TANGO - Renfrew, Arnprior & Surrounding Areas

3FOXTROT - Killaloe, Barry's Bay and Into Algonquin Park
3NOVEMBER/3KILO - Ottawa(400 Series Highways) and Areas outside of the City



CODE 1 Any non-important call

CODE 2 Scheduled call

CODE 3 Prompt call, not life threatening, lights and siren optional

CODE 4 Life Threatening, lights on, siren optional

CODE 5 Obviously DEAD

CODE 6 Legally dead

CODE 7 Unstaffed at station OR out of service

    *71 = No patient found

    *72 = Patient refused care/transport

    *73 = Patient expired [as in decease]

    *74 = Patient in police custody

    *75 = Transported by another ambulance

    *76 = Canceled before patient contact

CODE 8 Standby at location

CODE 9 Unit in for servicing (Not Usable)

CODE 19 non-essential call


(CTAS) has five levels

Level 1: Resuscitation Conditions that are threats to life or limb

Level 2: Emergent Conditions that are a potential threat to life, limb or function

Level 3: Urgent Serious conditions that require emergency intervention

Level 4: Less urgent Conditions that relate to patient distress or potential complications that would benefit from intervention

Level 5: Non-urgent Conditions that are non-urgent or that may be part of a chronic problem