How to use






Select what you want to listen to press:


The top row is master buttons and turns on and off groups of talkgroups which are below.If you listen to only the OPP, press the OFF button first and then turn the OPP Button-green or just turn off all the other buttons by clicking on them and leaving the OPP turned on.

Goto back to the main page by using the arrow button


And then press ††and it will turn green.

And the display will show you when itís playing and what it is playing.


You can also pick single talkgroups by using the buttons on the page for each talkgroup or turn on entire areas.





Pick your system and talk group. And then go search for your recording and press play, or you can download them by pressing
†††in the bottom right corner.
Ones missing names are recordings which are being uploaded but area not ones which will automatically playback,some are duplicates of other calls already in the system.